Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Bakeries

Rhino Industrial Power is proud to introduce The Bakery Vacuum from RGS UK.

This professional industrial vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning hot crumbs and powders, i.e. flour from industrial ovens and ba­kery areas (Atex zone 21).

Following years of experience of installing hundreds of industrial vacuums and vacuum systems in to supermarkets and industrial bakers we have developed a machine that will simultaneously guarantee the effective characteristics of RGS Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The vacuum can be used safely in potentially dangerous conditions and areas, such as the internal cleaning of bakery ovens which may exceed temperatures of 250 degrees C. This safety is guaranteed by the use of two filtering systems in series. A temperature probe installed in the machine stops the vacuum if the temperature becomes too high.

Thanks to the use of three single-phase independent motors the machine provi­des great flexibility of use with a very low cost.

The Bakery Vacuum conforms to the ATEX directives for high risk zones.

Vacuum cleaner for bakeries
Suction system protection
Suction system protection
Thermal system security
Thermal system security
Double-filtration system
Double-filtration system

The Bakery Vacuum Cleaner's Main Features Include:

  • Reduced risk of vacuuming hot substances into the machine thanks to the PTFE 2 micron high temperature polyester star filter.
  • 3 x single-phase high CFM motors with 1100 Watts each. Total power 3.3Kw producing 300 cfm.
  • Temperature probe will cut out the machine if too high a temperature is detected inside the vacuum filter chamber.
  • High temperature main fil­ter (460mm) and a secondary absolute HEPA filter (H14) giving total effi­ciency of 99.995% MPPS.
  • External Four way manual filter shaker
  • Sturdy frame made of carbon steel, with special high resistant coating.
  • Triple ridged filter chamber for extra strength.
  • Quick release collection bin made of stainless steel, capacity 65lt.
  • Quick inlet 70mm for the easy connection of the accessories, made of cast aluminium
  • Steel grid inlet to avoid sucking in potential ignition sources.
  • Braked casters.
  • Air flow gauge
  • 4 x head clamps
  • Possible ATEX zone 21 inside the vacuum cleaner
Bakery vacuum cleaner assembly diagram

Vacuum cleaner in compliance with the requirements of Machines Directive 2006/42/CE and the Directives 2004/108/CE, 2006/95/CE

Recommended Accessories

  • Stainless steel crevice tool with Silicone nozzle for cleaning ovens
  • Extension Tube (to withstand temperatures up to 400°)
  • Brass Brush with horsehair bristles 80/40 (antistatic)
  • Brass Brush with horsehair bristles 100/40 (antistatic)
  • Stainless steel inlet Connector 50/40
Accessory Accessory Accessory

Technical Data

Voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Power 3300 kW
Depression max 210 mbar
Max air flow 300 CFM
Avectainer capacity 65 lt
Diameter 460 mm
Filter surface 2.2 + 1.9m2
Product inlet 70 mm
Overall dimensions 72 x 54 x 128 h cm
Weight 60 kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Vacuum cleaner for bakeries